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Be the very best partner for you.


Even in an overseas country, the best thing to succeed is to get the necessary help from the perfect person. knowing to be protected by law, we started the firm with the idea “We want to bring the best law service for the foreigners”, the more foreigners come knowing it’s safe and make our customers follow their dreams.

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お客様へ、To You.

お客さまの最高のパートナーでありたい。Be the very best partner for you.

必要なときに必要な支援を得ることが成功への近道です。 Obtaining the necessary help at the right time is the key to success.

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The Fresh Graduates or those who thinks to be our partners.

Office Address will be provided once we open.

0821-1111-2221 / 0819-1811-8181

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